6 weeks.....

Well after 6 weeks,

of eating takeout, then eating the cold take out from the day before the next morning, staying at school for 15 hour days, seeing the school custodian more than I saw my wife, falling asleep on anything that didnt have a “machined” part on it, calling home every half hour just to tell my wife I’d be home in fifteen minutes but never meant it, loosing my keys in the mass of parts, completely killing my cell-phone battery, deceided to name my first born after any 1 of the numerous delivery drivers in the area, reading through mass amounts of data and “updates”, forgetting what it felt like to get a good nights sleep, realizing that massive amounts of any drink/food can be overwhelming to a school that has only 1 set of bathrooms available after hours, having to answer “yes, your son/daughter is still here in school working on the robot, please don’t call the police, they are not missing”, not caring whose drink that I just took a swig off of, in the end were all gonna get sick anyways from being around each other,

Let the games begin…

Hey look I have cats, I forgot about them… six weeks, it’s too long, but not long enough.

:slight_smile: Cant describe that any better

Sounds just like my life for the last 6 weeks, minus the having a wife part. Can’t wait until competition.

Food fridge raid cya. O and same no wife but um i havent fallen asleep there yet. Although you could sleep its a rec center rock walls kitchen 81" tv, and the lovely pads for the wall falers to sleep on. I think i saw old sleeping bags in a closet. 2 bathrooms with showers im not kidding you could live there and a pool.

WOW!, How did you get your self something that cool! :ahh: :eek:

chuckles Hell yeah! And amazingly enough, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. :smiley:

Congrats on your first born, by the way. :slight_smile:

The Sunday night before ship the only thing that beat my hunger was fatigue.
After two slices of extremely good sausage and pepperoni (WHAT?, MORE PIZZA!!!) I still didn’t sleep well, I kept waking up every couple of hours. My wife wasn’t sleeping too well either, she said my arms kept flying at her head. All I can think is I was working on the robot in my sleep! Someone, HELP ME!!!

To the tune of “Barenaked Ladies”-One Week (excellent band by the way)
I’m making this up as i go along so it might not be that good…

It’s been six weeks since you challanged me
Build a robot to stack these
Five weeks since you laughed at me
saying get that build then come back and see me.
Three weeks since the living room
Decided what to build but wouldn’t tell you
Yesterday you’d left me
still got 10 hours to get it in a lorry

if i get time i’ll make a chorus and maybe some more verses…

Gee nuthing changes after years of being on a robotics team… Same thing this year… Wife still mad at me for being here so much

Sounds about right, but without the wife part.

Today I couldn’t make the meeting after school, I felt empty. I also got about 500 calls from other people asking where stuff is…

This reminds me of last year. Last year was my first year in FIRST and I was one of three on my subsystem (controls) and it was very long when we were making Magnum:PR and this pretty much sums it up. For the first time, it wasn’t about what I worked on or what he worked on, it was more of how we worked on, with three very cramped where people worked and two with parts, it was amazing what we got done with with the amount of time allotted to us with the amount of people we had active. And to note, I blew one cell phone battery out last year and went through two and a half phones and I don’t think I’m the only one haha. I guess that is what FIRST does to you.

FIRST is an addiction but at least it is one of the healthiest addictions you can have (if you wear your safety goggles!).


good job i like your life! mine is similar

Yeah, 6 weeks, but it is a whole lot of fun! Hope to see you all at the competition.

Sound like my life on any given week. My current project is resurrecting a portable asphalt plant complete with rewired/replaced generator and control booth in 20 days :slight_smile:

Gotta love dealines :slight_smile: