6 wheel race cars - Formula 1 style!

From jalopnik.com - The life and death of the six wheeled race car

Turns out we are not the only people obsessed with six wheel drive. This (long) article posted at Jalopnik describes 6 wheeled race cars. Make sure you scroll through the comments at the bottom, there is a great 8 wheel design.

The article’s mention of innovation driven by rules made me think a lot about FIRST…

What if FIRST banned drives with more than four wheels touching the ground at any one time? I’d love to see what happens then. It would be kinda like this year in a way, only teams couldn’t cop out with simple 8 wheels. A huge design challenge for me was how to get all of the advantages of a 6wd into a 4w drive train. Ultimately I couldn’t figure out how to do it and we went 8wd.

Cool - a childhood mystery solved:

[dork]When I was a kid, I always wondered why Drag Strip, one of the Stunticon Transformers, had four front wheels. Turns out it was modeled after the Tyrell in the above article. http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Drag_Strip[/dork]