6 Wheel Tank Drive

Is it possible to program 6 sims on 6 different jags with tank drive? i tired programming it with the frc c++ simple template but it wont let me add 6 jags only 4 any help?

The easiest thing to do is just mirror the output of the 4 you can control to the two that you can’t add to robotdrive. Set the third left side jag to the value of the 1st one and do the same for the right side. Make sure you do this at the bottom of the periodic loop so it gets called every time.

You could also make your own class that inherits from robotdrive but accepts 6 speed controllers in it’s constructor and handles them properly.

Alternatively, you can just brute-force your way through and code each Jaguar manually. It’s ugly, but gets the job done.

Or you could use Y-cables on two of the PWM outputs to control two speed controllers from each.

I have got it, we just added 6 different jags in the program and throw out the robotdrive, thank you

You can and should use the PWM Y-Cables, as mentioned, to provide signal to two jags with one PWM output off the Digital Sidecar.