60 Minutes: Robotic Limbs moved by Brain

I just saw this on 60 Minutes


This is really interesting to me, and should be to a lot of you. This is exactly the kind of work I would like to go into, but the design and building of the prosthetic limbs.

Take a Look!

Well we know how kids are gonna power the 2025 robot. With their fertile minds.

Beat me to the posting while I was watching the “overtime” segment. Fabulous work represented here. This is the accompanying page, if you cannot reach the video link previously posted.

For anyone who’s curious enough to try it out: http://store.neurosky.com/products/mindwave-1

There are some Youtube videos of EEG devices controlling robots. Unfortunately, consumer grade EEG devices are still in their infancy. Also, IIRC, you need to be completely relaxed when using it, which makes me think it’s a bad idea for FRC since I don’t know any driver or manipulator player that’s completely relaxed during competition.

She also did an AMA on reddit yesterday.