60 Spots Opened For Natonals :)


First releaced the list of teams that were on the waiting list to go and Were on it :slight_smile:

some of my other favorite teams too, and so many More. Im so excited. I ran around school today with the list printed out in my hands telling all of the team i could .there all extatic!! lots of leaping into arms and scraeming “ATLANTA” At the top of lungs and things :slight_smile:

Good for you! 814 was prequalified, so all we had to worry about was getting money from our sponsor. We’ve got the money now and are in the process of planning the trip.

Team 294 also prequalified. But i’m glad you guys are going! Go Swamp Thing! :smiley:

who else is on the list?

Sorry but can I ask where exactly you found this out?? when did FIRST release that information?? Not that my team is qualified or anything (rOoKiEs) but im just asking out of curiosity…thanx!

bah… we couldnt go this year because we didnt fund raise enough to go (it would have taken another 20,000 to go) but i hope everyone has fun… good luck to all the teams from CT… (buzz, technoticks, rage)

The list can be found here: http://www.usfirst.org/frc/public/FMPro?-db=team%20events.fp5&-lay=web&-format=event_stats.htm&-findany. At the very bottom is the link for the team list for Nationals.


He was not looking for the list of registered teams I believe. He wants to know where that statement Tytus said is, and the answer is it is not anywhere. FIRST has just started letting teams from the wait list into the Championship and is notifying them through email when they have made it in.

Our team also got in!

As to how we knew about signing up for the waiting list: we had no idea in our rookie year and only just happened to learn from another team in 2002. We didn’t even know about the odd-even rule until 2002 so we didn’t go in 2001 even though we would have qualified. You really only learn all of the FIRST secrets with time. :wink:

Congratulations to Ty and everyone else who got in. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the Championship event! :smiley:

As far as I know, we still aren’t in. Darn. :frowning:

Fear not, though…once the Detroit Regional comes around, 818 will be (hopefully) winning its way into Nationals!

Ok, I am still confused as always with the registration process for Nats. What is this about 60 opened spots? Are these the teams selected from the wait list to go? Will they be taking any other teams from the wait list now or are the only additional teams who can go those who win at the regionals?

As far as I know the “60 teams” are the teams chosen to fill the empty spots in the national divisions (which explains why the waitlisted teams already have pre-determined divisions on the team list - ours is Galileo). I don’t know if they are planning to accept any more teams in this fashion unless other teams drop out or cannot attend due to financial or other reasons.

Hey I don´t know if anyone noticed that this team is going to Nationals:

1448Taylor Products & Parsons High SchoolParsons, KS USA

They´re at the very bottom of the list…but how on earth did they manage to get into the nationals??? I mean, they´re a rookie team that hasn´t even competed yet and they have their spot guaranteed??? Somebody please explain to me how they managed to crawl their way into the nationals…or else FIRST is going to be hearing from me!!! I am going to be extremely angry…
I bet there´s probably politics involved with this…not that I have anything against team 1448 but Im disappointed to hear that they´re in the nats and many many many veteran teams aren´t (not that its any of my business, my teams also Rookie, but let´s be democratical here, people)
Please explain!

Yah I saw that and was wondering the samething also

From my understanding (which very well may be wrong) the spots were opened, you logged in the FIRST website around 12:00 sometime last week, and put your name on a list. First come, first serve.

This wasn’t a tiered selection.


there was a first email blast letting every team know about a waitlist for championship. Your team contact got the email. If anything you should be getting mad at your team contact or your email provider not FIRST. The waitlist started at 12 noon EST last wednesday. Team 121 signed for the waitlist at 12:10 and subsequently is in championship now. Theres no politics involved here either. The FIRST community wants as many teams as possible to participate, even rookie teams. I’d like to personally add that I want more and more teams from other countries outside the US so regiopnals could take place all over the world! So tribotec_ca88, please dont get angry or upset. You still have a chance to qualify in your regional event.

I have a feeling that, for the most part, you are right about the tiering. That explains how we got in even though we were in tier 1, having gone last year.

As for 1448, they are an even team and this year is an even year. If you weren’t aware, everyother year is even-odd and teams have the ability to sign up with no prequalifications if they know about it. We had no idea about it in our rookie year but we know now.

I really hate to nitpick but even and odd rule was only used in the 2002 and 2003 competitions.

I didnt think they were doing that this year. we didnt get on the waitlist so the only way we will be going is if we win.

That rule went away this year - even / odd doesn’t matter anymore. It’s been replaced by the tiered system. Championship registration had already been opened up to all of Tier 3-6, then all of Tier 2, then part of Tier 1. (See the FIRST e-mail blast forum on CD for previous announcements of registration). This last round was just opening up more at-large spots to the rest of Tier 1 and I assume the rookie tier as well.

We’re in. Woohoo!