60 tooth 32 dp gear availability

Hello all,

Our team is urgently looking for some 60 tooth 32 dp gears. Both AM and WCP are sold out. The only other place where I was able to find them was SDP/SI, but the price was a bit steep for our liking. Does anyone know of other suppliers we could get it from (checked boston gear, MMC, SDP/SI, amazon, and a couple other places). Or if a team had some extra gears of this specification lying around, that would be great (PM me and we can figure out details).

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Dikshant Sharma

What bore? 0.5" hex? 3/8th Circular? Can you hex broach if that is what you are looking for.

Try the RC hobby industry. You might find something at Tower Hobbies.

You could also go the route of Boston Gear or WM Berg, but you will wait and you will pay.

Servo City might be another option.

We are looking for a bore .5" and under, so that we can broach it to .5" hex. A hubless design could also work (centered bore through lathe).

Try eBay. The school coach for my team has been successful in finding gears there, though I personally don’t know where.

Is this for a high load application? Plastic gears can work out well for the first stage of a gearbox for medium power motors like the BAG and 550. This one may survive: link

We have had success with PLA 3d printed gears in the past as well, and are planning to have a lot of them on the robot this year.

The RC world has a lot of gears in that size range, but they tend to have specialized bores that might be hard to modify. (for example)

My team has used SDP-SI for a lot of pulley and gear requirements and a quick look shows that they have a variety of 60t 32dp gears in different materials, hub styles, and bore sizes.

I found a couple 60t 32DP gears on SDP-SI for less than $20. I highly doubt you’ll be able to beat that unless you’re buying from one of the FRC focused suppliers.

A 1C 1-N32060
A 1B 1-N32060

As of now, both those parts are in stock. There are also several 60t 32DP gears that are in the low $20’s range.

Careful, those gears especially the brass one have a very small face width. Brass is 0.0625" and the Steel in the top link is 0.1875" wide. The steel one might be workable, but the brass is definitely too thin. The narrow width is potentially the reason they are less than $20.

Good point. Probably should have linked to some that were more viable. But my point to the OP was really just to look at SDP-SI again. Unless they can go with plastic gears or some other workaround, they’re not likely to find anything cheaper or quicker.

I saw those gears earlier, we cannot use them in our current set up as they have a 14.5° PA (our pinions are 20°).