60 Tooth Gear Needed

My FTC team is looking for the following gear:

2302 Series Aluminum, MOD 0.8, Hub Mount Gear (14mm Bore, 60 Tooth)

It is currently out of stock at GoBilda and they say it will not be in stock until after our competitions have started. We have tried other options but cannot make something else work.

I am willing to pay for the gear and all shipping costs.

Please DM me if you can help!

Looks like they have the STEP file. So perhaps a local FRC team that have a CNC router can cut it out of alumnium for you? Or depending on usage (torque), will a 3d-printed part(s) work for your team?

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You can drill out the gear, or a lathe out the bore.

The teeth are pretty fine on this one, so my guess is it will probably not be an easy cnc job.

I would follow @Patrick3357’s suggestion and depending on how you are mounting and tools available either ream a hole, re-bore (if a lathe is available) or find some other way to center and bond/fasten a hole pattern plate if you need more than a center bore or a hub if you need to pass more torque than friction fit permits. (acetyl can be a pain to bond to with standard plastic adhesives)

i bet you could machine in a gobilda hole pattern and then use one of the standard clamping hubs to fasten it to a shaft

I am inclined to agree with this. The gear just needs to be properly aligned so things stay concentric and the web of the gear needs to be able to support the loads.

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Superglue should work pretty well. Also, PLA+ with 4 walls and 25% infill is fairly strong but depends on the actual load and usage requirement. PETG, ABS, PC and PA-CF are also options.