6036 Peninsula Robotics CAD Release 2023

Team 6036 is proud to release our CAD for our 2023 competition robot. Dum-E has been our most successful robot yet and we’re happy to share this with the community.

Available here (STEP format)

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread and one of us will get to you!


Talk about a COVID-era glow up.

6036 you’ve been absolutely on fire and it’s been awesome to watch!! Keep it up.


We’ll definitely be taking a look! We loved your team’s robot and wish we had the opportunity to play together in Archimedes.

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is the hair band included


the tape too!


Thanks a ton, really means a lot! The team’s grown so much through these past few years and it’s been a lot of fun to see it through.


The mission-critical hair tie was retired before champs


LES GOO!! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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What goes in the rectangular hole here in the intake gearbox? Looks kinda like mounting for a servo.

It was for our old camera mounts (our first 2 competitions). Later in the season we moved the cameras to the back of the bot for better FOV, so the cameras were removed from this spot.


Adding the Grabcad link, there were some weird sharing issues with the google drive link

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Is the tensioner on the ground intake just simply cantilevered off the outer gearbox plate? How good of a tensioning method was it?

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Yes, the tensioner on the ground intake was simply cantilevered, and the chain tension was low enough that it wasn’t an issue. It worked well enough to tension the chain because the loads were low, but in the future we probably would consider increasing C-C to add an inline tensioning system.

It was more of an issue on the arm and likely led to excessive wear on the standoffs the idler sprockets spun around (but not enough where we needed to replace them). On our off-season redesign, we used these tensioners inspired by 33, which are bulkier but much stronger.