6054 Auto

Here is our Auto routine. Under the low bar, using vision processing to see the target and driving to it to score.

This is really cool to see from a rookie team!

Keep up the great work and hope you do well at competition!

Great job, guys! Are you planning on going for the climb?

autonomous climb best climb

Likely we will forego the climb. We are working on one last mechanism to open the class A defenses. So we can traverse low bar, A,B and D defenses. Cross and low goal score in auto. At least that’s the plan.

That is so cool! Have you tried doing other obstacles yet? Vision processing could let you handle stuff that won’t be blocked in auto (like rock wall or rough terrain).

Not yet this was our first attempt at it.

Very good work guys

Fantastic work! I thought auto low goals would be hard, but wow you guys hit that out of the park!

Well done 6054! Looking forward to seeing you in action at Greater Pittsburgh!

Does that intake gap work with the bumper rules?
I don’t believe that is 8in from each corner

It is hard to tell from the video what you are tracking on the goal. I cannot tell if there is a light or not.



We have a 15" wide gap in the robot with 8" on each side for bumpers. Our robot is 32" wide and 28.5" long.

We are tracking the reflective tape on the top goal. The robot just looks up to line up on the low goal directly below it.

Won’t those dimensions put you above the 120" Frame Perimeter limit?

Sorry. 31x28.5. My mistake. Long days, you know.

We basically assembled the wide drive train kit but cut our side rails to be the same length as the square configuration. The exact dimensions are 31.5 wide and 28.3 long.

Nice auto. Have you tested crossing over other defenses? If so, how effective was it? I’m unsure as to which ones your team is considering doing.

We can cross the D defenses pretty easily. The ramparts reliably crossed but it looks scary and the moat we are good ~ 80% but working on it. We are also building a mechanism to deal with both A category defenses. Since this vIdeo we have got a roller intake low goal shooter working well. However we haven’t tried other defenses in auto. Hopefully we’ll have time to get there.