610 - Coyobot X

Meet the newest coyobot.


Another very impressive robot. Way to go!
I’m coming to FLR and I can’t wait to see this in action.

p.s. that is a really cool ball path.

Congrats on Coyobot X, she really looks like a beast, I am very impressed with this bot Duncan and the rest of 610. Seems like 610 always has good years with ball games (maybe not last year…): 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2009 looks like another winner. Good Luck in Rochester, I am trying to see if I can get down there with Mike on Saturday to see you guys…

Just like '06 this bot is going to be an offensive scoring beast, see you at GTR!

Hello Gentleman,

She looks like a beaut! Congrats on a solid looking robot and all the best in Rochester. We are indeed figuring out plans to travel up, so watch out (and be wary…)


((And J.No, you sure know how to RUIN a surprise don’t you? :] ))

Does look like a good robot this year, will it be able to stand up to the teams at FLR? :stuck_out_tongue:

Without a doubt…

This robot will be a top robot at FLR. I’m on record.

Put me on record to.

So, what was with the decision by 610 to decline and all?

Looks like your record is now 1-1… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would consider being the 4th team asked to join an alliance at FLR would be a good indication that they were a top robot…

I guess I’ll put it this way… I don’t think the discussion around 610 being the 1st backup robot would have gotten as much attention if 610 WASN’T considered an excellent robot at FLR.