610 Part Library and Design Tutorials

Hi CD,

One of the senior members on 610, Ryan Tam, recently created a document outlining the design methods and techniques we use. We originally intended for it to be used in-house to teach younger members the basics of CAD, but we figured other teams may be interested in how we work.

Though the content of the tutorial is fairly specific to 610, we have also included our part library which we find incredibly useful.

In the library we have set the weights and colours on all of the parts, as well as named them with their VEX Pro/AndyMark part numbers. We use SolidWorks, so the library is in .sldprt. You may have to convert it for other 3D modelling software.

We’ve also attached last years engineering notebook. Keep in mind this is not the only way to do things, nor necessarily the best. This just happens to be the way we do things. We hope the community might be able to get some use out of it. If you have any questions feel free to ask!



Engineering Notebook

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This is so cool, thank you.

Please make sure to publicize this as much as possible. This is the best document I have seen released in an extremely long time. I just spent a couple minutes looking through it and I know that I am going to learn a lot and it’s going to be much easier to teach these concepts to my students now that I have this.

Thank you for sharing this.

The parts library is great we have made our own similar one but it took a long time this will help a lot of teams avoid that.


I will help you and your team get the word out. I have teachers all the time ask me for SolidWorks-based VEX Tutorials.

Well done to you and the Coyotes. I will send you PM with details. Marie

This is really great. We have a ton of students who are awesome at CAD, but are bad at designing things that will actually work. This will help a bunch

Ryan, the student who wrote this tutorial, said that he’s willing to take requests on topics that aren’t already covered, so send me a message if there’s anything you want to know about.

Hi again,

Over the past few weeks we have refined the original design tutorial document, making a few small changes and one very big one, the addition of a new 50-page sub-section titled “Designing a Drive System”, which will walk you through designing a similar drive to our 2013 robot. The new content starts on page 43 and goes to 93. We have made no modifications to the part library, so if you want to follow along as opposed to just reading, please use the link in the first post. As always, questions are welcome.

New and improved design tutorials.

Thank you again for posting this, I love this stuff. I’m going to use this a lot when training next year.

Awesome example of a world-class First FRC team sharing their experience and knowledge to give everyone an insight to why the top tier teams excel at what they do. I tip my cap to you 610, thank you for sharing your expertise and raising the gracious professionalism bar another notch.


Fantastic resource. We’ve been looking at doing something similar on my team, and this is a great example for us to look at and possibly borrow a bit from. Thank you so much for sharing.

The document I have been looking for. Thank you so much. In my team, we have some trouble with the CAD and build team working together; can 610 post something about working together?

Congratulations Ryan on presenting a wealth of information in an organized, well thought out document! I’m sure many teams will benefit from this. And it will become required reading for all 610 rookies. What impresses me most about this endeavor is that nobody asked Ryan to do it. It was done entirely on his own initiative and his own time.
Well done!

We don’t explicitly mention anything about our CAD and build teams working together, but if you take a look through our 2013 and 2014 engineering notebooks, I’m sure you’ll find some insight about how our “Design & Manufacturing” division works as a unit.