612 What is this?


Can you guess what it is?

It’s a Mcmaster Carr shipping plastic bag.

Ah, it’s an allen wrench on a McMaster Carr bag.

Looks like an adjusting mechanism of some sort. Also, from the picture I can tell that the house the picture was taken in has a couple of basketball courts and a track right behind it.

Tensioning device! You are using chains or belts on your robot!

Chantilly began using belts on their drive trains a couple of seasons ago, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re belt tensioners. Pretty crafty ones too.

Based on the size, beefyness and teflon tape. My guess is either a piece of square aluminum slides in between the rollers or these pieces slide on a piece of square aluminum. Elevator or telescoping arm maybe?

Yup. They’ve been using belts since 2007, iirc. Definitely a belt tensioning device for their drivetrain.

Correct. We are using belts though but ones not long enough to require tensioners.