616 points

This recently happened at wpi district. A robot got a belt stuck on the scale and could not move so they got tech foul after tech foul… what makes it worse is they woulda won if no fouls were given this was finals 1 they lost finals two aswell.
Ps sissy about shot quality didn’t want it to disappear.
Congrats to 4564,88,3623 on the win.

Match 41 at NOVA just had a score of 633.

This has happened twice at Clackamas, resulting in a 590 and a 601 score respectively. Im wondering if the rule may need to be reworded to stop the horde of fouls overturning a match (cause everyone likes fouls determining an event, right?) something something Houston

Fouls should absolutely decide matches in which one robot prohibits the other alliance from successfully manipulating either the scale or switch.

Wasnt that also the goal of G13 last year? Couldnt get gears anywhere else…

I understand that the implications are a little different, but the concept is the same. If someone won Einstein on this people would complain, just like people did last year.

Didn’t see these matches, but if you take the scale out of play you should lose the match. I don’t see how it is any different than immobilizing an opponent for the match, which will get you a Red Card under G10 in most cases. Using Red Cards for the alliance could be an alternative to the point counting, in 2012 I believe you would get a Red Card for preventing use of the opponent’s bridge by getting wedged under it.

If you don’t severely penalize breaking the Scale then a team can strategically “fail” in a way that takes it out of the match when they are winning the Switch battle but can’t win the Scale.