623's team site

So here’s our 2006 team site. Any comments, suggestions, viewing problems? We tried to stay away from flash so as many people could view it as possible.

I like the “now 99% more white space” that’s really cute =] and I really love the sub menus.

Great job!

Personally, I think the dock effect is a bit annoying, and the sized-down images look a bit grainy.

But wow, the rest of the site is amazing! How did you do all of that javascript magic?! Did you use any libraries, or did you write that all in house? It’s absolutely amazing.

Nice work!

Im not in web development but I belive that except for the docking most of it is homebrew. Two of the kids on web development are professional webmasters. What amazes me is that for four weeks they had two completely different web design then decided they didn’t like either and made this. :smiley: Im really in love with the podcasts they did under media.

The website is attractive. the dock is a little annoying, but I can live with it.

Good job


Your FIRST kick-off transcript is impossible to read. I noticed the linebreaks exist in thes source code. A linebreak in the source doesn’t mean a line break in the HTML output. If you want I’ll convert all of that so that it is readable on the web page.

EDIT i didn’t realize that was on NASA’s server… how odd. I’ll still convert it to break lines for you to put on your own server

Personally I find the loading effects annoying - a lot of people say “I don’t want to wait for it! Load it now!” Is the Javascript loading really necessary or can you just use a standard browsing? Especially the fade in is rather annoying. At school (which has bad computers) it actually takes a while to work. The scrolling pages looks nice, but again - it takes time.

Looks great, but I’m not sure its the most effective way. :slight_smile:

623’s site will be seeing all of you at nationals! :smiley:

Great job on winning the VCU Website award 623!