6328 Northern CT scouting data

As part of our participation in the OpenAlliance, 6328 will be posting our raw scouting data at the end of day 1 and at the end of qualfications on day 2 (excel format).



This is our release of data from day 1. (pit scouting and match data)
ChiefDelphiExport.xlsx (32.9 KB) ChiefDelphiExportPit.xlsx (8.2 KB)


Thanks for the data. I used it to throw together a UMAP projection of team averages (essentially as described in Brennon's Miscellaneous Statistics Projects). When teams are close together, the model is suggesting that their average performances in the different metrics you shared are similar. Might be useful for picklisting.


We are now releasing the final match data set from the event.
ChiefDelphiExport.xlsx (46.5 KB)

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