639 Code Red Robotics Robot Reveal

This looks like another solid robot from our friends down the lake. Good luck at FLR and HVR this year.

Nice looking. First thought was no tank treads!!!?

This year treads were hard to justify, but I can assure you, they’ll be back someday.

We look forward to seeing both of you guys at FLR again! It’s always interesting when we’re in the same match. Both of your robots look great this year.

Excited to compete with you guys at HVR!

I can tell by the wear on those balls you spent a lot of time perfecting your shooters.

It was actually our ground intake prototype that scuffed up the balls like that, but you are right, we did spend several days perfecting our shooter!

I like it but my first thought is that the gear housing looks like its much heavier than it needs to be.

Good luck see you at FLR!

You know it probably is, but hey, metal looks cooler than polycarb :wink:

Good luck to you too!