640x480 cinepak

Anybody else unhappy with the results with 640x480 Cinepak. Okay now the video fits on a CDROM (14MB w/o credits;24 with credits), but the long hours of working on detailed 3D objects required to tell our story are now washed away. I vote for VHS again next year or let us use something more modern; at least 640x480 with a good codec.

At least we all have to do it this way! We’ll save the good renders and post-processing one for our personal portfolios!

3D on!

yeah thats pretty sad… we are gonna ship it with a Divx and cinecrap versions. i cant belive this… hehe. we are doing ours widescreen, prolly gonna put it on miniDV as well, hehe. im angerd that we cannot use DVDs, cause we have one made and ready for the animation, arrrh

Are you putting the DIVX on the same CDROM or putting in a second one?

same cd

Well, with 640 by 480 w/cinepak, it’s just a constraint, no different to me than the 30 seconds. I didn’t like it, that much is easy to say. However, nothing I could do about it. So I just shrugged and rendered anyway.

At least it’s better than Vecta…

We weren’t all that disappointed with the Cinepak codec, ours turned out to be about 85 megs (The first title shot, black space, animation). There were jitters here and there but I believe that the guys that prepare the video will pull it off frame by frame onto video so that takes care of jitters. We are also submitting a DivX version for both of our animations onto a seperate CD. It will be without credits because those are cut anyway.

Wow. How did it get so big? We have stereo background music, sound effects, etc. Did you do it 640x480?

We did not submit with anything else. Autodesk will surely ignore them and any other resolutions. It is easy to tell just by getting ‘Info’ on the .avi file. If not, I will not be a happy camper.

There is nothing I could do anyway as Airborne shows that our package landed in Santa Rosa, CA at 8AM this morning for Monday morning delivery.

Best of luck to all.

Well, we have 10 extra seconds of video because we went word for word with the FIRST rules. It states that we should have a title come up with our team name and etc. then the animation and then 5 seconds of black space. I set the Cinepak mode at 100% quality, recompress to maintain constant data rate at 20 megs a sec., interlace on, Pixel aspect to square, frame size to 640 by 480, noise reduction on. That makes up the 87 megs of our animation so theirs isn’t really big at all.