648's New Endeavour

Here… Great Cardboard Boat Regatta. Team 648 has decided to build a boat made of cardboard to compete in this competition. What you do is race 200 yards on a lake. Believe it or not… most of these boats actually float! :ahh: So we’re going to make a pontoon boat… the pontoons are triangular-ish… Driven by propellers run through the back of the boat. Tonight was our second meeting… it’s a good 1/4 of the way done and we have 2 more meetings scheduled! :ahh: The race is July 4th in our area. They have tons of awards: Team Spirit, Titanic Award (take a guess as to what that one is), Best Design, etc. etc… So I think we have a good chance at winning something… at least the Team Spirit. We are also going to take our bot and show it off a bit…

What do you all think?