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Rez648 has asked me to creatively post an update of our website. It has just finished the FIRST stage (pun intended) of three. The mainpage is up along with a newly rennovated 2004 game page, student bios section, and sponsor page. The process will continue constantly over the summer and I may post when the next stage is finished.

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I would like any and all CREATIVE CRITICISM (good or bad, but not too bad)to be posted in this thread or sent in the form of PM’s to Bryce (aka Rez648).

Thank You,

p.s. i am sincerely sorry if i put this thread in the wrong forum. i searched a long time (5 mins) to find a website forum but i couldn’t.

wooh! my 100th post!

There is a forum > http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=64
It’s under “IT/Communications” > “Website Design/Showcase”

It’s a little straining on the eyes trying to read the website with that color scheme. I like the logos and you used frames pretty effectively. I liked the depth of the site… there were a lot of pages and having a page about each team member is really cool.

Nice work!

Thanks for moving the thread. I really tried to find it.

I will try to get Bryce to change some things. I forgot to mention that he used Adobe GoLive to make it. He thinks it is a lot easier to use rather than whatever he used b4.

Thanks and keep em coming.

I applaude the effort and time put into this website, but the blue text on the orange background is straining to the eyes. Maybe a darker blue and a lighter orange would make eye strain less of a problem. Oh, and the “Fuel for the Fire” logo looks awesome!

I would like to thank all who post critiques about my site. I will change the ‘bright orange’ to a darker orange, but the reason its so bright is to match the ‘fuel for the fire’ logo (which Budda648 made) so the two blend together.

Any ideas or suggestions can be PM’ed to me or sent via email at:
[email protected]

thank you

Very cool :cool: , I personally didn’t find the color scheme to be a problem for me, the logo looks great, and I think its really cool how u have a profile on each member of the team. :cool:

I wasn’t particularly fond of the color scheme. It also seemed a little too basic, but at least it wasn’t gaudy. In my opinion, it’s better to be too basic than overly flashy.

Like I said. It is all split into 3 phases. I will try to get Bryce to give me a list of what will be coming up. I thought it was too basic but I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe the frame should be blue or something like that. Maybe I could get him to tack on a little neon look too it.

Remember… keep up with the comments and even add some suggestions.

BTW… I made that frontpage logo, but not the others.

i like the lay out, very orginised and easy to navigate, but you might think about putting something on it about the build season, obsticals, and personal team achevements(other than awards), and your plans for the off season. that would help visitors to really get a feel for what you do. :slight_smile:


in response to your post, here are the 3 phases:

Phase 1: Homepage, sponsor page, team member page.

Phase 2: Each school page and their students’ pages

Phase 3: Cleanup (add misc pages, fix bugs, fix colors, etc)

Here is the phases that Bryce sent me. I do not know when they will be updated and neither does he. But he would like some more feedback… preferably suggestions. I am working on a template for a flash intro but he doesnt know that. (I guess he will now)

For those of us who use 800x600 (like me ;)):

You need a scrollbar for the leftmost frame.

Yes, I realized the left side needed a scroll bar when I looked at it on my home computer. I will fix it on tuesday may 18.