657 here .. anybody use wood base?

hey, i suppose i’m representing for my team.
team 675, we’re from the north bay. we’re really freshman heavy on our team so this year will probably be really fun teaching all these new kids the cool things to do in san jose.

is anyone else using a wood base for their robot?

Nick, you got the number wrong…

Whoo for having the only all wood robot at the San Jose competition last year!

We used wood for our robot’s exterior last year, but we didn’t use wood for the actual base. Our base took more hits than our exterior and the exterior was really worn down. Based on experience I don’t recommend it and especially not this year because from what I heard at kickoff… a lot of teams say that power is one thing that they will try to have this year…

while our team does not construct a wooden base, we have seen a fair share of them. I was wondering what the allure was to an all wood base. Is it weight, or cost?

I think FIRST gave us a pretty decent base for a robot, I think I personally would use this over a wood base. Some robots have an amazing all wood robot. I believe there were 3 wooden robots in Manchester last year :smiley:

I don’t really remember the exact reason for a wood base. At the time, cost and available tools may have been a factor.

I don’t think our team has had a major sponsor since the first year we competed, let alone having any mentors besides teachers and random parents.