6621 BIG Announcement!!

Hey guys, my name is Hunter Stanford from Team 6621 in Moose Creek, AK (Interior Distance Education of Alaska). I’m excited to share to big news about our team for this upcoming FRC season! ::safety:: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

We are pleased to announce that starting the 2017 season, we will be participating in FRC tournaments locally, statewide, and even nationwide if we qualify! We are so happy about this because we love robots and legos. We have loved legos ever since we were little children and we love making lego cars even now! We have decided to name our team the Piztons after our famous local lard brand “Piztons Inc.,” who are our only sponsor. I am currently the only student from my high school officially on the roster, but I have a few friends who are excited to join!

Feel free to ask questions in the comments! I will try to answer almost all of them!


How do you know / think that your team number will be 6621? I thought they were handed out in order of registration payment (in a few months).

I have a question. With a single sponsor how are you going to afford the trip costs down to the Pacific Northwest district events you are part of? Last year iirc there was only 1 team from Alaska team 568 “Nerds of the North”. As an Alaskan team you have to deal with having no events in your state and if you plan on hopefully making worlds. You have to do 2 or 3 events in Washington/Oregon just get there. Here are the events you could have attended last year https://www.thebluealliance.com/events/pnw/2016#events. This will probably stay pretty similar plus and minus a few events.

So yea I am not trying to discourage you but just know you need to raise a ton of money to be sustainable. You will have to take into account flights, hotels, robot costs, registration costs, ect. Hope you guys can get enough money and become the 2nd Alaskan FRC team.

Good luck its not going to be easy.

IIRC, it is based off the time you register. My team registered quire late in the year.

Dear Christopher149,

The user above me (ollien) who replied to you is absolutely correct! We registered pretty early on so I was able to receive our team number pretty quickly and have all of the needed information to begin preparing.

Thank you for your concern,
Hunter Stanford
Founder/Captain/Human Player 6621

Order of registration, generally speaking. A placeholder number (2017XXXX or something of that nature) is given until payment comes in, then you get the real number.

But… the last rookie number given last year was 6237, so I’d be betting on rookie numbers starting at either 6250 or 6300 this year. Doubt they’ll go all the way to 6600 for 2017, though it is theoretically possible; a number in the 6600s would likely be a very late-registering rookie team, possibly late December-ish. And FIRST only shows one AK team–the aforementioned Nerds of the North.

I think someone needs to clarify exactly which program they’re competing in: FRC or FTC. There is a difference.

Dear Sperkowsky,

We fortunately have some talks in the works with another large company, however due to an NDA I cannot state which company yet. They will provide us with free air travel to any events we wish to attend or qualify for. These are the only terms of the expected contract that I can state which does not break the NDA.

Thank you for your concern,
Hunter Stanford
Founder/Captain/Human Player 6621

Congrats and welcome to FRC! Don’t let the doubters get to you. Just yell if you need help :]

Dear wilsonmw04,

Thank you so much for the kind words! This means so much to us, and we are so elated to have such a warm welcome to this wonderful organization! If you ever stumble upon our quaint little town, just message me on here and I will make sure to take you on a tour of the local Piztons’ factory!

Hunter Stanford
Founder/Captain/Human Player 6621

Does your new team have any interest in flying down for the Capital City Classic in Sacramento October 22-23?

We have a spare robot you guys can compete with.

Best of luck.


Dear Michael Corsetto,

Thank you so much for the kind words! I cannot get enough of this amazing community and it has only been my first day here! If only my brothers treated me like this… Just kidding! :slight_smile: We will seriously consider your extremely generous offer, however I am having some trouble getting my friends and classmates to sign up for the team. They are having either financial or academic troubles, and some are having both. Either way, if we manage to get a small group together about a week or two before the deadline, I will definitely contact you via PM. I’d also like to offer you the same thing I offered wilsonmw04, which was a tour of the famous Piztons’ factory up here in Moose Creek! Come on down, you won’t regret it!

Thank you again,
Hunter Stanford
Founder/Captain/Human Player 6621

Hello all, quick update! I’d like to announce the terms of our contract with Piztons, Inc,. just for transparency purposes. As Piztons’ mascot Larry the Lard always states in the commercials “Transparency is the sign of BAD LARD!” So I guess this is the opposite of that because transparency is actually good in this scenario.

Anyways, our contract specifically states the following:


This General Service Agreement dated this 11th day of July, 2016

Between Piztons, Inc. and FRC6621 Team “The Piztons”

Services Provided:

  1. The Client hereby agrees that in exchange for representing the contractor in name, among all forms of digital and physical media and in all FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) tournaments until the date of 11 July, 2019.

Terms of Agreement:

  1. Upon termination of contract either by breaking of a clause or end of time period stated previously, the Client MUST immediately terminate all use of the contractors name in all forms of digital and physical media.

  2. Upon termination of contract on good terms, a new contract or an extension may be written.

That’s the most important parts of the contract. If any more information is needed just feel free to contact me! My door (or inbox) is always open! ::safety:: ::safety:: ::safety::

Hunter Stanford
Founder/Captain/Human Player 6621

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Welcome to this crazy family.

My advice: Dream big and kick butt!

I’m interested in learning about this “Piztons Inc” you guys are sponsored by / represent; where can I learn more about them and what they do? Do they have a website?


I tried googling around a bunch and couldn’t find anything.

I would tell you more about them, but doing so would violate my totally real NDA with them. :cool:

Piztons lard. The only company without an internet presence that runs commercials. EST Last night.

Transparency is the sign of BAD LARD!

Here’s some facts on ExcuseBoy and his statements.

  1. According to approximations, there are about 27 high-school aged people in Moose Creek, Alaska (granted, team members could in theory also come from the nearby Fairbanks).

  2. A search for “Piztons Inc.”, “Piztons Inc Moose Creek”, “Piztons Inc Fairbanks”, and even “Piztons Lard” returns nothing. I seriously doubt it exists.

  3. They already have a team number in late-July. This is worsened by the fact that it is a very late 2017 rookie number, and as 2016 early rookies, we didn’t get our number until at least late-Setember IIRC (granted, 6621 could be a preliminary number).

  4. The motto of “transparency is a sign of BAD LARD” is kind of a very specific and not very good company motto.

  5. The contract that ExcuseBoy posted is not very well written, and doesn’t actually provide very much information contract-wise. The entire first third isn’t even a sentence (although that could be due to him censoring certain parts of the contract).

  6. Looking around on Google maps for any largeish buildings that could be “Piztons Inc.” didn’t turn up anything.

There’s the facts, you decide.


This has to be the strangest trolling/spam/anything I’ve seen on CD, ever.

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