671 gearbox cover

Our team is trying to find a way to cover the gearboxes on the tough box mini gearboxes, have any other teams found a good way to do this or know of any parts that would work?

By cover, what exactly do you mean?

I assume you mean to keep grease in and dirt out of these gearboxes? http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-2679.htm

The most practical method we’ve had for covering open gearboxes similar to this is wrapping a layer of duct tape around the outside. Cheap, lightweight, easy to apply and remove… though the aesthetics are a bit lacking.

We were really hoping to not have to go that route (the gearboxes are currently wrapped with saran wrap while we explore other options). We wanted to see if anyone had any concrete solutions using either something off the shelf, or plans to make one. Looks like we’re going to make a case.

Last year we took a blow torch to some 1/16th lexan and bent it to the shape our gearbox. We just used some velcro on the gearbox plates to hold it down. It was easily removable. We could see inside to “debug” any hardware problems. Overall it worked very well for us.

I can post a picture later if you want.

A picture would be great! Thanks

We bend 1/16" polycarb. We have a little nichrome wire bender (I think that’s what it’s called) and that gives us nice straight bends. Then we velcro it to the gearbox.