6838 X-SHARC in Need of Batteries During the Championship

I am reaching out to the community on behalf of 6838 X-SHARC from Istanbul.

We just shipped our robot to Houston, but we could not ship any batteries with it.
It is a lot harder to ship batteries when shipping internationally. So, we won’t have any batteries with us in the Championship. However, we will bring our Dual Pro Recreation Series (RS3) 6Ah x 3 bank Battery Charger and a battery beak with us.

We are looking for teams who can help us out with batteries. We can either lend our battery charger to them and get charged batteries. This way, they can benefit from the charger as well. Or, we would be very grateful if a couple of teams can lend us some batteries to use during the event.


You can also order batteries from AndyMark.com and ship them directly to your pit so they are there when you arrive.

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Another option if there’s any AndyMark hiccup would be a Batteries Plus in the Houston area. The Duracell batteries have been getting high reviews lately for their longevity. I would definitely order ahead to make sure you aren’t surprised on a stock situation, but it seems like many of their locations carry them.


Thanks for the recommendations. We will try to make those options work. However, it seems like the current school approval process or our budget would not allow those options.

It would be a lot better if we could get at least a couple of spare batteries from other teams.

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We are a local Houston team with batteries to spare. Send me a direct message to work out the details

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