6886 Assembling Competition Bot

Finally getting to assemble the competition bot. Thanks to 2363 Triple Helix on sharing your design for your single stage gearbox and your tutorial on chain-in tube chassis. Should be completely assembled by the end of the night.

Waiting on all the parts to get cut and/or arrive has made me a nervous wreck. We really wanted to have the competition bot finished last week.


Looks good! I love the NEOS. Our team has chosen to use them this year. My advice would be to ensure that the encoder cables are tucked and out of harms way. All it takes is for one of those to wiggle loose and then its game over. Other than that, make sure your team knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the CAN wire system.

We weren’t planning on using the NEO’s on the drivetrain until the practice bot was placed on the scale. After we all stop harassing the CAD guys for being sure we would be underweight this year, we decided to drop from 6 minicims to 4 NEO’s which saved approx. 8 pounds. It also helped out on the BOM cost as we were able to drop from 6 Talons to 4 Sparks.

Looking good!

Can’t wait to see how it turned out!

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