6886 Intake & Short shot test

Sneak peek of our robot testing intake and short shot


Wow. That’s fast. Is that a hood extension I see in front of the flywheel attached to the pneumatic cylinder?

Yes, our secondary hood is moved via pneumatics. We can shoot from 15 foot to 37 foot by changing the flywheel speed. We we working on indexing the balls when we shot this video.

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Okay my question - is that where you guys build?! That looks amazing. Nice work on the shooter, that’s lightning quick.


Yes we build in a bowling alley/family entertainment center.


I was really hoping the bunching bag machine was actually the high port… nice work 6886!


I’m particularly impressed with the indexing mechanism as well. Did you have any trouble with balls jamming or “riding up” against each other? If so, how did you fix it?


Our indexer and intake run separately. Both the intake and the indexer have poly cord belts on top and bottom. The intake is approximately 8 inches from front to back. At the exchange between the indexer and the intake we have a IR sensor. When a ball breaks the sensor it engages the indexer until the sensor until the ball has moved past the sensor. This produces an approximate 1 inch gap between balls. At the other end of the indexer we have a second IR sensor. When that beam is broken, the indexer cannot advance (and hopefully we have 4 balls in the indexer). The 5th ball is contained in the intake util we began our firing sequence.

We had to play with the speed of the indexer belts so that we would could advance the ball to create a gap between sensor break and the ball movement stopping. Without the gap being created we had jamming issues.

Thanks. From our testing it seems 5/8 inch gap was the maxximum it could go without the cells touching each other, but this seems like a good option as well.

We’re also looking into holding the fifth ball between the intake and indexer (intexer?) until the firing sequence begins.

What gearing is on the indexer it seems to evacuate very quickly. I am very impressed!

Direct drive from a neo, driving a 2 inch pulley running polycord. I believe we running at .4 power on shot, and .18 for indexing.

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What kind of IR sensor do you recommend?

Wow, that shoots pretty fast! I look forward to seeing your bot in person at Greater Kansas City!

We had used these at this Amazon Link.:


(It doesn’t look like anymore are available right now)

We have never used before and we hope they will work. Someone had recommend them to us in another thread.

Nice work 6886! Looking forward to seeing you at GKC in a couple weeks.

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What kind of compression are you running?

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Approximately 2 1/2 inches.

Wow that seems like a lot. We did some prototyping and found that .75 was fine for us. It really seems like many teams are getting VERY different results from prototyping compression wise. Like Ive seen teems run .25 inch compression.

How much compression from the ground is that?

Oh wait, not intake compression. Im talking about shooter compression haha.