6886 Level3 Teaser


Noice !

Do you guys work out of a restaurant ? I could see that coming in very handy :yum:

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Nice work guys!

I believe they work in a bowling alley. Our pit was right next to theirs at two regionals last year and I remember that being what I was told. This looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it in person in Arkansas. At this rate, you’ll surely make it past quarterfinals this time around :wink:


We work out of my bowling center/restaurant. It does make it really convenient for food and drinks.

We look forward to seeing you guys in Arkansas. Hopefully we will have our “wings” on by then and you can ride up with us.:sunglasses:


Looks really cool!
We’re also going to be at Arkansas, however our hab 3 climber doesn’t have the ability to buddy climb.
Hope we don’t have to face off against you in elims, looks pretty frightening to go up against.

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Look forward to seeing you there. We haven’t attached the “wings” to attempt a buddy climb yet, so we may or may not have the ability. My students keep telling me it works in CAD and in theory. We will see if they are correct within the next couple of days.

(Theory sounds like a wonderful place and some days I want to live there.)


Be carful with those “wings” even he best bots in the world are going to have drops this year, make sure they are very supportive or no one is going to climb with y’all.

This was my exact first thought when I saw the challenge. Your’s looks so smooth!

We agree, can’t wait for the carbon fiber to get here.

Great Job Synthesizers!

Sad that my team (1775) doesn’t have any scheduled play with you guys this year :frowning: But there’s always MO State, Worlds and Cowtown.

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