6886 Presents our 2019 Robot

Our 2nd year bot “Bob the Flying Chicken”

Reveal Video to come.


Holy crap guys, the difference between your robot last year and this is insane! This robot looks absolute gorgeous, and given your impressive driving last year, I can’t wait to see how well you can do!

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Wow. I don’t know what else to say. That looks awesome. You were great last year and it looks like you guys stepped it up even further.

So much symmetry

This really does look amazing. Can’t wait for a reveal video!

Thanks for the kind words. The kids really worked hard on the design and build. One of our students invested in his in own X-Carve for his own sign business. He allowed the team to use it, and it made a world of difference in our manufacturing capabilities.

We are working on a video, but really none of the students have any experience with video editing. I’m real curious how it will turn out.

Are those double lifters hanging off the sides?

Yes. We had to do our testing with 2x4’s as our carbon fiber rods have not arrived. Had no problems lifting 150 pounds per side and getting onto level 3. We will have to do some additional testing with the plates and rods when they arrive. Will have to install the rods when we get to our first event.

It looks incredible! Can’t wait to see a video of it!

Definitely just found a reason to drive to Sedalia for week 6. Great work guys, I can’t wait to see it in person!


I just found the robot reveal, and just… wow. I ended up prototyping a robot VERY similar to this for the 2018 offseason (in CAD only, of course), and you guys made all my wildest dreams…real. This bot is absolutely AMAZING, and I cannot wait for you guy to sweep some competition next weekend. I wish you all the best of luck!

Awesome design! What is the arm pivot shaft made out of?

We are currently using 1/2 hex aluminum. We have a backup of 1/2 hex in steel. It depends on our final weight which on we use.

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