694’s amazing 2018 season!

Congratulations to all the members of 694!
I think this have never been done before in FIRST

Team 694 was Rank 1 with a record of 16-0-0
and won the following awards:
-Regional Chairman’s Award
-Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (James Lonardo)
-FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award (Navid Kashem)
-Regional Winners

Congratulations on a perfect season!!!

25 did it in NJ in 2006. The only difference is they didn’t have a Dean’s list student since it didn’t exist at the time.

Still a pretty impressive feat!

Congratulations to you and your whole team! See you in Detroit!

We also did something close to this in 2016 at State Champs minus the Dean’s List. What a great showing for your team! Maybe we can be in the same division again like in 2016!

Congrats 694! You guys keep encouraging all of the NYC teams and help us reach the next level.

Bring us back some blue banners at champs!

Thanks for the shout out Mike! It was such an incredible weekend. I found myself wondering at the end of it all wondering if anyone had ever done that before and just figuring 1114, 67, 254 or some other incredible team had done it.
I am floored by what the kids do on a daily basis. Having it all come together over the course of a few days like that really blew me away. I can’t wait to keep this train rolling in a few weeks in Detroit.

It means a lot to know you guys are rooting for us. We absolutely love your team and I hope to see you guys around at some off-season events!

On behave of 3883. Congrats on this amazing feat, this is truly the most perfect season you can have.

Congrats on the perfect regional.
Now you need to deal with a much less than perfect situation: where are you going to find the wall real estate in NYC to hang three blue banners??

I think they have enough blue banners from over the years to make blankets.

Already done

On another note, a second congratulations is due to 694 for achieving their first ever #1 rank at an official FRC event!