6948 EAGLES 2023 Robot Showcase ''SIGMA''

Hi! I am Alperen and this is mine first post on cd. So i have’nt got an experience about this posts.

This is our Charged Up robot ‘Sigma’. This name is coming from huge sigma profile on robot.


this bot is on fire🔥




What sensors are being used on the intake?
(edit) also how did you guys wire the sensors?

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I am not affiliated with this team, but from what I saw from the video it appears to be these:

They work really well and are tunable for different detection ranges (depth of field)

Yes. Thanks for your reply and sorry about my late comment.Last weekend we competed at Halic and we are was so busy.So i couldn’t look anywhere.

Those are our sensors.

You can see how they are working in our youtube channel;

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