696 Returns to Phoenix!

After a year away from the lovely Arizona desert, Team 696 the Circuit Breakers is proud to announce their return to the Phoenix regional this year! The expected awesomeness of your regional just went up another 10%. :smiley: We look forward to playing with and against the same teams we did in 2003 and 2004 and meeting lots of new teams as well! It is going to be one rockin event! And all our buddies from Southern California (294, 207, 330, 980 hopefully 968) we’ll see you there as well! :slight_smile:

Hey, Thats great to hear! 498 will be waiting to play together again.

You guys wont be a Southern Cal. regionals :confused:

I believe AZ is week 2 and LA is week 4, so they should be at both. It will be nice seeing you again David. Are you going to be at the Pre-ship Feb 19th?

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t read the posts above.:o I thought you were referring to 696.

We never have been to So. Cal (though we hoped to this year, up until the money factor appeared). We know 696 from the 2 Arizona Regionals they’ve been to.

This is going to be another fun regional!

234 looks forward to competing with you again this year in Pheonix.

234 is back again! Hurrah!

45 teams coming to the regional this year, I believe that’s a new record. That’s quite a change from the 28 of last year.

Yea we haven’t been back to So Cal since I think 2002? I miss it though. So many fun Times :frowning:

Awesome motto guys.

Thanks! See you in 13 days