698 ball lifter

Check out the mechanism we built to lift up the balls to our shooting/dumping system. Still has some hangups but we should be able to have them kinked out by competition.


Looks good - are the balls purposely going to the side, or is that the hangup you’re mentioning? If you’re trying to get them over into the front, I think if you curve the back piece to go along with the track a bit it should work.


Did you get permission to post the Lunacy animation from Kickoff?

we were sending the balls to that side so that they could load into our basket from the side. the hangups occur when a extremely damaged ball tries to go up the loader but we believe most of those problems have been solved. We also changed the loader to send the ball through the center of those two posts you see in the video.

for educational purposes…
goto youtube and type in lunacy FRC