6th Annual Chief Delphi Invitational

The 6th Annual Chief Delphi Invitational will be held November 17th, at Pontiac Central High School.

In this FIRST like competition students are given a kit of parts to build a robot in 6 weeks to play a game. Unlike FIRST however, there is no welding, machining or programming allowed. This bolt together kit truly makes this a “student built experience”. The controls are pre-wired and pre-programmed to make construction easy for students.

Entry forms are now being accepted for this event. Contact Mike Martus using [email protected] for an entry form and more details.

Only 24 schools are allowed to participate on a first come basis. Entry fee is $400.00, slots will fill fast so don’t delay.

This is a great way to get your FIRST team warmed up for the new season. Many teams travel from surrounding states to participate in this event that has all the excitement fo FIRST.

sounds fun…id certaintly love to do it, but i doubt the rambotsll get there. oh well…good luck to all participating.

The CDI page is up, too


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Until now!

Okay but really i was like 1 month old when this thread was created… Pretty Crazy!!