7 extra hours?

I heard that teams whose first event is a bag and tag will have 7 hours between shipping and the first event to tinker with their robot. But someone else said that it’s only for Michigan teams. Can someone tell me what is happening?

well in michigan, teams have a 6 hour window when they can access what parts of their robot they have bagged which they may do whatever they want (ex: modify parts, drive practice, program) in addition to whatever parts they have withheld with their 65 lbs so long as the parts in the withholding limit remain constant

Last year, MI events were the only events to be Bag & Tag. This year, there are some other events that are also Bag & Tag.

However, the extension is for 2-day events (Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and the MI districts), not Bag & Tag events. (Although all events in the above are Bag & Tag, not all Bag & Tag events are 2-day events.) If you are attending a 2-day event, you get 6 hours total in the 7 days before the event, broken up as you like with no session less than 2 hours, and the robot bagged in between. See Section 4.8.

Ok, thank you for clearing that up. I guess we can’t use that extra time. :frowning:

so let me get this straight, Michigan teams atending district events get 6 hours to work on there robot, 7days before there first event, and this dosent count aginst our 6 hours total that we have between events to work on it?

If you are doing bag and tag then you can take your robot out of the bag for a total of “6 hours during the 7-day period preceding any two-day event in which their team will be competing with their robot. The 6 hours may be broken up in any way…with the exception that no single access period may be shorter than two hours”

I didn’t see anything that limited that only two Michigan teams. Two-day events only include Pitt, Sacramento, and Mich. District Events.

This is chapter in chapter 4: to be specific.

Thank you, this could be some thing for my team to look at as we need more program debuging time with the robot:yikes:

By the way this method is perfectly fair because they do NOT get a Thursday to do any work on their robot… 2 day events have competition from the beginning to the end… no practice day…