7-Shot Autonomous Club

At our two district events so far, I have yet to see another floor pickup being used in autonomous besides ours, so I’m curious how many other teams are picking up 7 in autonomous? Is anyone out there going for 9?

We currently pickup 7 (new feature in our second district event), but due to occasional loading issues (and a few missed shots and intermittent start-up transients) we usually make 5 or 6 (or during the SJ elims, 3 shots, thanks to a sensor issue).

Here’s the list so far (I ignored accuracy for the sake of simplicity)



Go to the thread about 1986, they’re autonomous (and everything else) is amazing. They put up the 7 discs in auton easily, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try 9 at some point.

2056 and 1986 can do 7 disks very well.

At Kettering Team 70 was attempting 7 disc auton. Which they did get on the practice field. 33 tried at Waterford and 2056 at GTR-E. 1986 has done a 7 disc auton enough times, which a video is on youtube.

3928, Team Neutrino, also nailed a 7 disc autonomous at Greater Kansas City, and definitely gave Team Titanium a run for their money.

So disappointed they had to leave the finals, it was shaping up as a great autonomous battle. Those young mentors have put together a great team and a great robot from humble beginnings. Look out for Team Neutrino.

2056’s 7 wasn’t terribly reliable. At least not at GTR-E. Usually only good for 5 or 6 (their pickup is a single disc wide that masquerades as being able to deal with 2).

1241 has a fairly reliable 5 disk auto.

I agree that 2056’s wasn’t exactly perfect. They’re main issue, like you said, was that they are only suppose to pick up one at a time. Though they did get it enough for me to consider it pretty good. I think they could add something on their robot though they would help in collecting all the discs, like a funnel, they purposely get the right or left discs first, then the second hits the angled funnel and funnels into their robot. I have also seen them collect discs on the way back to the pyramid to shoot.
I think that they would have been working on that during their break and come to Waterloo this weekend ready to always get 7.

1241 only got their auto working for Saturday, and maybe the later matches in Friday, but yes they did seem to get the 2 pretty constantly. If you didn’t see their robot in auto, they shoot 3 discs from middle of pyramid (back) and then drive backwards to the middle of the field and grab 2 from the center-line, drive back and shoot 2 more.

I can’t wait to see how competitive Waterloo is this weekend with all the great robots attending.

33 had a 7 disk auto working by the end of qualifications, however, slack in the arm chain threw off our shots in the elims. We made only 29/49 shots in auto and only 71/97 shots in teleop throughout the eliminations. You can expect this to improve for Grand Blanc.

Regards, Bryan

There is vid floating around the net of a local team doing 7-disc in practice.

Watch Queen City to find out if they pull it off fo’ real:


FIRST Queen City Regional 2013” on USTREAM.

987 does a 7-disc mid-field autonomous. This trumps them all.

This one caused me to go back and reread the rules. This brings to mind some crazy possibilities for the Championship.

If you thought two alliances racing to tip the bridge in auto was exciting, wait until they play autonomous chicken on the center line. :smiley:

624 didn’t get 7, but they did 5 consistently and had plans for 7 during peachtree.

During eliminations, 2415 was able to get 6 discs during autonomous, which was the maximum possible for them since they started their robot inside the pyramid and in front of the line.

Can anyone who attended TCNJ confirm if 2590 pulled it off there? They came close at Hatboro-Horsham, but I don’t know if they ever hit all 7.

I think you will see teams shoot their three discs and drive back to the center line just to push discs around or block 987. I know I would if I didn’t have a ground pickup.

So far from what I’ve seen 1986 and 987 have the best, most consistent autonomous routines. 254 mentioned that they had a plan to do a 9 shot autonomous, however I haven’t seen that happen yet. We’ve been able to pick up and shoot 5 all but one time however our shooter issues at CVR didn’t help with the scoring, if all goes well though we should be consistently getting either a 5 or 7 shot auto at the Sacramento regional.

We did? Cool. I’d like to see that too. :confused:

Yeah, thankfully we were able to get the 5 disc working on Saturday morning at GTR-E.

I agree, 2056 will probably have the 7 disc working this coming weekend at Waterloo.

I can’t deny but say we’re pushing for 7 as well.

Both 987 and 1986 are two of the most efficient robots I’ve seen that conduct a 7 disc autonomous. Great work by these teams!

Not us. 9 disc is impossible based on every robot we’ve seen so far.