7-Shot Autonomous Club


We made 6 multiple times but were never able to make all 7 discs.


Thanks for the kind words. We were having a lot of bad luck with electronics at that regional, a bridge was giving us trouble before our last qualifier with you guys, and killing a victor during finals.

Hopefully we can get the 7-disc to work in almost all of our matches at North Star. Good luck at champs 1986!


Now I’m a bit scared…

I can’t wait to see you guys at North Star!


Congratulations to our friends at team Excel. You guys are #1 in qualification points in Michigan through week 3! I am looking forward to seeing you guys at MSC in a few weeks.

We were the only one to use a floor pick up in Auto at Gull Lake. We did 5 disc there and of the matches I watched, we made all 5 at least 3 of the 12 seeding matches and 2 of elimination matches. Most of the matches we made 4 in auto. Sometimes we did not pick up both of the extra two and occasionally we missed one.

We are hoping to have a sucessful 7 disc auto for West Michigan and MSC.


Curious why you say this?

Seems to me like 1986 or 2056 have both done 7, and they’re certainly not moving as fast as they could be.


I don’t know about 2056, but it seems like 1986 would have to do two 180s, which makes it significantly harder.


Both would have to 180 to pick them up and then 180 again to shoot them. Given 2056’s historical adeptness with a gyro, I would say that doing two 180s and ending up facing the same direction would be trivial for them. Whether they could pick up frisbees, and get back to a position to shoot them would be a much bigger challenge.


Only if they start in the center of the pyramid. Look at how 25/103 and 987 pick up discs in autonomous (including the center line) while starting from the rear corners. It’s possible to complete it with two ~90deg turns. Certainly for 2056, at least. 1986 would have to be a little more creative, and probably drive in an arc and then spin 180.

And then there’s teams like 2590 and 1241, who could theoretically accomplish the task without ever turning. But neither has hit 7 yet, and I have no idea if 1241 can run over the discs and then still pick them up like 2590 does.


1241’s pickup only picks up from one side of their robot. They’d need to turn too… Although they rocket off the first 3 in about 2s in auto.


Oh my bad, I got this info from another team member who said that you guys had figured out a 9 shot autonomous but we’re trying to perfect it.


The High Rollers have a gimble/turreted shooter on top so I don’t think they have to 180. I admired their turret design from last years at Champs. That thing is deadly accurate


Their turret cannot rotate all the way around. The loader is behind it.


Our robot would be physically able to do 9 without turning, although there isn’t enough time in auto and we wouldn’t be ready programming-wise anyways.

Our shooter is facing opposite the pickup and we can lift up the pickup to drive over frisbees without moving them. A robot like ours could start behind the pyramid, shoot 3, back up and grab 2 centerline frisbees, shoot, lift up the pickup, drive til it hits the alliance wall, lower the pickup, back up and grab the remaining 4 frisbees, shoot. But all that has to be done in 14 seconds (the last frisbee has to be in the goal before auto ends)

I am going to make the call right now that we will never see a 9-disk auto. But I hope I’m proven wrong.


We ran 7 shot auto modes throughout the majority of the Chestnut Hill District Event, though we only went 7/7 once (like 33, we are working through some of the difficulties associated with putting the shooter on an arm). Should be better for Vegas :slight_smile:


They could do the same as 2590, run over the discs under/in-front of the pyramid and then back up to load them. Teams like 1986 couldn’t do that with the mid-field discs, since it would involve crossing mid-field.


1241 doesn’t have the ground clearance for that, they push the disks they run into.


They even got stuck for a whole match on an upside down disk at GTRE


In Quarters 3 Match 2, we had a 12 disk auton w/ 1939 & 1987!


I believe you are referring to our first practice match on Thursday where a disk flipped upside down and lodged it self in at an awkward angle between our robot and the floor. That was an anomaly it was a mistake on our part and that will never happen again. You are correct in saying our drive train has a low ground clearance so we end up shoving any disk we come in contact with. As for the 7 disk auto I wont say much, only a couple days till we compete this week at Waterloo :smiley:


I believe that is the match I’m remembering. From where I was standing (the OUT gate), it looked like the upside-down frisbee had somehow gotten itself completely under one of your wheels. I’m really not sure how that could have happened, given the ground clearance.