701 anim screen shots


Check them out and comment! thanx…

the theme is “Shift into F.I.R.S.T”

Better then I can do :slight_smile: Kudos!

very impressive

did you make all those models yourself? :ahh:

you modeled all those in six weeks?if yes, you did a pretty good job in modeling. Try to use more realistic lights in your scene, it will take more time, but it worth. :wink:

very nice job. I do have one comment though… Isn’t that the library used in the 3dsm advandced lighting tutorial?

I modeled the car before comps…and some other models 2 , yes the building is off of a tutorial but w/ some mods… i think anything in tuts is fair game correct?

Looks nice but expecially in the first scene there needs to be some light work done. But great job!

is that a real pic for the white board? or was it just some quick mspaint work?

The second screenshot from the bottom looks really familiar. Is there something wrong with my memory, or exactly same monitor with exactly same robot in inventor image was in an animation last year?

Theres nothing wrong with your memory …except that it is really good…?
I kinda started 2 run out of time so i just said screw it…i’ll make the room a bit better fix some lighting and camera stuff and render the same thing…

The white board was just made in Paintshop pro really quick with a bunch of messy calculations like real life…

Hey great work, i noticed that the first screen , the building in there looks very simmilar to the library model in the tutorial of 3D Max 6. Are we allowed to use those models?