701 revealed...

Here’s some sneak peaks of our 2008 bot…


another pic…


and one more…


See you folks at San Diego, Davis, and Atlanta!!

it looks good. are those cymbals made out of carbon? If so, what did you use to mold them? Hand-laid or infused? If you can’t already tell, I’m a bit of a composites buff.

Awesome! Maybe I’ll come by Davis to see it!

I like the elevator. Very simple.

The discs are 10 ply CF. We made a fiberglass mold of the ball and then laid up the CF in the mold, bagged it, vac’d it, cook’d it, and there you have it.

simple and looks like ti works well

Wow … it looks extremely nice, even better than last years.

I notice in the second pic that the front wheel is off the ground, but from the structure of the robot it looks like it is very balanced. Is it from the momentum of the ball?
How is the fork lift powered?

Yeah the wheels came off the ground because he didn’t have the forklift all the way up when he lowered the arms - oops. That pic was from Saturday at the Fembots Scrimmage and really the first time they had to really practice.

The forklift is driven by 2 FPs connected to 64:1 BaneBot transmisisons which has some 1 1/2" spools. There are one of these on each side of the forklift which pull some cable up and down the center of the forklift (9 pulleys all together, in 3 stages). We have a 10 turn pot on each transmission to help provide some safety points and perhaps help with auto mode if we choose to get that far. Right now auto mode is just trying to do a lap.

Video will be up later today.