701s new intake

Evening all,

Over the last couple of weeks since Chezy Champs, team 701 decided to go for a faster, lighter, and less complex intake… here is our new intake for 9701 to use at Capital City Classic. Loki, our comp bot will be outfitted with the same intake and will be done in time for CCC.

Special thanks to 971 for giving us inspiration for this new intake.

P.s i forgot to mention, the best part… we don’t tip anymore! :slight_smile:

Thank goodness! I’ve seen the bottom side of Lodi too many times this year! :smiley:

By the way, that is a really nice, effective intake!

We’ll definitely be keeping the 2073 sticker up for all to see

Great work 701! See you guys next week.


Looking good Nik! Stoked to see it on the field.

That intake is hot! What changed the tipping issue?



The massive intake we had on there before. When it was full up and we had any issue going over a defense we went backwards as y’all saw first hand.

No more big intake, no tipping

Nice job on finding a solution to an ever existing problem. Center of gravity can always mess up a good bot!

Nice job on the rebuild! It looks sufficiently fast. Best of luck at CCC.

Yeah, I am so glad that we finally got this new intake on. Just like to shoutout to all of our inspirations from 971 to 1678 to basically anyone that used a mecanum intake. The cad from 971 was also an awesome resource for us to use, and I am grateful for the FIRST Community spirit. I hope to see you at CCC and good luck!

Can’t wait to see it next weekend!:smiley:

What motor/motors and gear ratio are you using?

We are using one 775 pro attached to a 9:1 Versaplanetary gearbox. (stole that from 971)

Simple and quick, nice.

Looks like it runs and works smoothly. Great job!