701's Week One Prototype Boulder Shooter (from defense distance)

Here is our prototype high goal shooter. It can pivot down to allow the robot to ride low, and pivots back up to shoot. Well, that’s the plan at least. We’ve still got to figure that part out. On this day, we focused on what angles were necessary for defense distance shots and batter distance shots (not shown)

Low bar capable, high release, high goal shooters… stick a climber on the shooter and I think it’ll look a lot like the robots on Einstein. Awesome job!

Oh, yes we do indeed have plans for the climber…BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Considering how we got into playoffs in Curie last season as an alliance captain, we plan to not only look a lot like the robots on Einstein, but to actually be a robot on Einstein! This build season has been very exciting so far, and I definitely expect Stronghold to be exciting as a game itself. It’s only the beginning of week two and I feel another great season ahead already.