7048 Robot Reveal

7048 Presents its 2018 robot

Looking forward to seeing you at Great Northern!

This pic would make Lee proud :cool:

If anyone has any questions we’ll try to answer them to the best of our ability or I’ll ask one of our enigeering sub-team members on Thursday.

Wow… This is very impressive especially for a rookie team. I would love to see a video of it in action but I guess I’ll have to wait.

Can confirm that 7048 is legit. I’ve been so impressed with the entire program that has developed here in Fargo. It would not surprise me to see 7048 making a splash on a big stage this year :smiley:

I might be able to upload a video of our practice robot this thursday or saturday. I’ll post it to this thread if i get the chance.

Please do! I have been hearing about this team for some time - not sure from who… :wink:

With the amount of strong teams growing in Fargo, North Dakota should be getting a regional there - it only makes sense with all of the 150+ Bison Robotics college students there. Oh… Wait… :rolleyes:

Good Luck 7048 - the robot looks incredible!

And BR/GreenHorns should be proud - the amount of GreenHorns style robots (we call them giraffebots here at 4607) are out there is unreal! Hats off to GreenHorns as well.

Really impressive looking, love the color scheme :wink:

I have some partial match vids from Nevis week 0 (practice and comp bot) . Permission to upload?

I would love to see a video!!! The only major change we made from week zero is we increased our elevator speed

Check your DMs, I sent a link 90 min ago.


Footage from our week zero event. Elevator was only running at 50% during week 0, but we have since increased it to 65%.

Thank you to skyehawk for filming and uploading the video

It was actually just running at 65% yesterday with a little bit less friction.

Still gotta get more sensors and improve the tuning. Teaching how to properly tune controls isn’t easy, and getting it to work every time is even more difficult.

Very impressive looking robot.

Good luck this season!

Com’on, crank that thing up to 11! Make it go fast enough it launches the 2nd stage of the lift through the 100’ roof of the Alerus Center then back it off a quarter turn.

(Please don’t break your robot)

Is there a specific reason you aren’t going 100%? In my experience and observations the teams that play the fastest and most consistent win, are you doing 65% to avoid structural damage? Or does that sudden change in momentum make it tipsy?

AMAZING robot this year! Hopw we can play you when we both make it to detroit :wink:

I believe it was slowed down as a precaution. I would be surprised if it’s not at 100% capacity in Grand Forks. I wasn’t able to make the event though so I could be wrong.

Nope, that’s entirely accurate. We’ve been running in the TalonSRX’s PercentOutput mode here, without any special control logic (MotionMagic, PIDs, etc) as we hadn’t had the time on the robot to finalize testing and tuning those modes. We also didn’t have any limit switches mounted and connected, so we were a bit concerned with driving too hard into either end and causing mechanical failures.

Our goal by Grand Forks is to finish the sensors and code to get it faster and able to go to a specified height, rather than just up and down.

What is the theoretical max speed of that lift?

About 42. I think.

~Douglas Adams

Fast enough to scare me the first time we ran it at full speed.

When figuring out the gearing, we wanted it to be less than a second for the full travel distance. Some quick inputs to JVN’s calc backs that up, so somewhere in the 50 in/s range.

But 42 in/s does seem more reasonable.