7432 NOS Preseason Code Release

7432 NOS has been working hard at developing code during the preseason. Both of the included version below are 2019 Beta software versions and have been tested with the new LabVIEW control system. Below you can find our code that we will be working off of for our 2019 season and a readme that will explain the code. All manipulator code has been left out of the 2019 code, but can be found in the 2018 code.

Cleaned Out 2019 Version

Full 2018 Version with manipulators/Teleop/Auto Included


  • Motion Profiling Drive
  • SRX processed points timing for manipulators in auto
  • Capability of loading new paths on the fly and not changing code
  • Can change paths match by match to acomadate alliance

Drive Train

  • Field Centric Mecanum 4ft/sec
  • Robot Centric Mecanum 4ft/sec
  • Field Centric Mecanum 14ft/sec
  • Robot Centric Mecanum 14ft/sec
  • Robot Centric 6 Wheel Tank 4ft/sec
  • Robot Centric 6 Wheel Tank 14ft/sec
  • Turn to angle (NavX)
  • Strafe Correction (NavX)
  • Auto Balancing
  • Auto shifting 2 speed gearboxes
  • Drive to distance
  • Cube Centric
  • Switch Centric
  • Pursuit Mode (Tracking other robots to play defence)

Arduino LED Lights

  • Led Lights indicating drive mode
  • Driven by DIO converted from binary used in switch statement

Vision Tracking

  • TCP/IP connection to UP^2 Development board
  • API calls communicating to RoboRealm vision tracking software
  • Displays Eagle Eye view to dashboard (newer car overhead display)
  • Vision Tracking cubes
  • Vision Tracking switch
  • Vision Tracking opposing robots

Most impressive code release by a rookie team? Yes.


We try our best! We have learned a thing or two from watching other teams in our newly joined hub.