Heres PV=NR/T
The ramps were scrapped though
As usual we have tracks and will be going to UC Davis and the NW Pacific Regionals
It’s 3’11’’ extending to just over 8’, its 120lbs, and can push anything it touches (as usual)
We’ll post the final pic post-NW Pacific Regional

Beautiful robot, and I love the treads every year, especially this year. This year you have a great manipulator design. I know this robot is going to be a great success! :slight_smile:

Thanks alot
We love the treads to…the ones in the picture are “trial” ones, we have new ones on the 'bot
We wanted to use the suction cups, so we have a side-mounted compressor, the grabbers also has a “centerer” to make sure we pick up correctly
We hope so too!