759's sad new york city update

759 are sad to announce that after all the hard work the team has put into this years robot (see http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36163 for a pic) that the robot has been sent back to Britain.
It turns out that whilst our robot got stuck in customs for about a week that the robot has to be sent back to the UK so that some forms can be filled in before it can be sent back to the US. There is a VERY slim chance it can be done in time, as it depends on how efficient fed Ex are. IT also means we will have to sort out payment for the turnaround etc.
First are aware and have tried as hard as they can to sort this out for us, however there is still a major chance that the robot will not get to the competition.
We are hoping that we can get a robot built on the thursday if needs be, and knowing how generous other teams are, I’m sure we will be able to get something going and running. We will still be coming to the states, and if we don’t get a robot going etc, we will still be there to cheer everyone else along.
The team are very upset with what has happened but are now even more determined to compete and take part.

Stephen Denman, 759

Wow… that is really terrible. I hope you guys can get it there in time, and if not, make the best of the experience anyways.

Good luck!

It was fun meeting you guys last year and being allied with you in the finals. I hope things work out and your robot makes it, and if not, hopefully you can at least find a robot of some sort to compete with.

Good luck

This is a tragic turn of events. Is there any way you could compete in a later regional?

We’ll (NYC FIRST & NYC Teams) will do the best we can to get you a KOP robot by the time your plane lands next week.
Remember… this is NYC, you can buy anything; especiallyfrom Canal St.* (you gotta see the place!) :wink:

if we do buy bits for a robot, is that ok under
<R23> Teams may acquire and bring an unlimited amount of COTS items to the competitions to be used to
repair and/or upgrade their robot at the competition site.
but if we then have to say (for example weld some bits together) does that make it non cots and thus break
<R24> Teams may bring a maximum of 25 pounds of custom FABRICATED ITEMS (SPARE PARTS,
REPLACEMENT PARTS, and/or UPGRADE PARTS) to each competition event to be used to repair
and/or upgrade their robot at the competition site. **All other FABRICATED ITEMS to be used on the
robot during the competition must arrive at the competition venue packed in the shipping crate with the
**Thanks for the kind words from everybody :slight_smile:
Stephen Denman

That just plain SUCKS no matter what accent of English you say it in.

Are you still planning on going to the NYC Regional?

A former mentor on our team who passed away about a year ago helped your team your first year in NYC when you were having trouble, and I would like to continue that tradition of helping by offering my help on at least Friday to you and your team.

If you need anything, just let us all know. I am in CT which is a state away from NY, and probably will be taking the train in on Friday and/or Saturday to help out at NYC, so if you need any help on Friday, I will come around your pit and check on your team.

If you need parts or whatever, let me know by a PM or on AIM (s/n in user Profile here on CD) by Thursday mid-day and I will see what me and my team can do for you.

Just remember. You aren’t the first team this has happened to. :frowning:
In fact… it was a rookie team just last year who won the trip to The Championship Event by wining the rookie all star at the NYC regional who had the same problem. :ahh: The Pyrobots from Staten Island if I remember correctly.

(edit: to reply to your last post Denamn, Certain exceptions I think can be made. You already are losing out on your 6 weeks of time, so I hope FIRST and the NYC Regional crew will let you build a bot with more than 20lbs of “additional” parts. “In addition to what?” would be my argument if it came up. But I’m sure they will understand and you will be OK to build a new one on the spot (at 120lbs - not 20 :ahh: )).

Good luck, and I know like Rich said, you can make it happen if you go to NYC.

I think special exemptions from some of the rules should be made for you. I think FIRST should allow other teams to start building a robot for you right now.

As my team is from Brazil we know what a problem customs can be.
In 2003 we had to postpone our departure for 1 day to make sure that the robot would made it. Last year our robot made it on the monday before the regional (we only knew it a few minutes before our international flight).
However, we never had problems with the american customs, and the ones we had were solved in a day or two.
That is why we never choose to go to the first weeks regionals, so we have more time to work with customs.
This year we sent a customs form (number 3311) and so as last year our robot was cleared succesfully.
If you guys need any help just pm me.
Hope your robot make it on time for the regional and if not you guys are able to make one in time to compete.

Team 383

This is true.

However, if someone has an unused kitbot, it’s still COTS. :smiley:

Good luck on getting the real deal in soon–and either way, best of luck!

I think the team is still desperately hoping we can get the original bot to the event, if fedex can move it around fast enough…
thanks for all the encouragement too:)

Hey there,

I worked for FedEx for awhile and am pretty familiar with international shipping. Though I don’t have too much experience with International Freight, there should be no trouble in getting your shipment to New York City for the regional.

What paperwork did you have to fill out that was missing? I can help with that. You can also go to a local FedEx brick and mortar store front and fill the paperwork out there. They’ll have something called the “Global SRG” that lists all of the required paperwork and information for shipping internationally. It changes monthly and is guarded like Fort Knox, and since I’m not employed by FedEx any longer, I can’t get a hold of it. Also, it’ll be different in the UK than in the US, I think.

The faster you act, the cheaper it’ll be. You should be able to send International Freight to the US in about three days from Britain, if not faster, but it’ll get quite expensive to do so.

i will try and find out tonight, if not tomorrow morning i will be able to talk to the coach and find out. Just hope he answers his phone etc.

I’m really sorry to hear about this. We have the complete KOP frame unused, wheels, sprockets that we will be ready to supply to you guys, I will call and see if we can get a pair of KOP transmissions. We do have all of our pneumatics too. I will also check and see if we have additional electronics. For anyone else coming to NYC, please post a list of items that you can contribute to 759 in the event that they cannot get their bot shipped out. We’re going to have a bot building party on Thursday. Let’s work together to see how competitive of a robot we can make together. 759, please have your team think of what they may want, and do not hesistate to ask. I propose a platform multiloader using a pneumatic dump from the human loader that will allow you to run around and dump large numbers of tetras under the goals. And I know we can do this is one day, but what would be better is if we could help 759 build an effective capper collectively. I know this is a far stretch from the robot that you guys spent so much time on, but we at NYC will do anything we can to make sure you guys still compete. Richard, please forward this post to the rest of the teams coming to NYC and inform them of the situation, and ask them to send e-mails to [email protected] so we can coordinate having a contingency plan availble to our friends from the UK. Denman, the NYC Regional would not be the same without you guys. Please keep me posted, feel free to PM me.

Was it beacuse of the battery lableing on the crate? A team at GLR told me and the other student and mentor who uncrated our robot that their robot sat in a FedEx warehouse forever becuase they had to fill out Hazardous Materials paperwork becuase it had non spillable batteries inside.

i agree they probably will make some exceptions for u guys to bring parts

possibly. i know that we did put the big signs on though… as per the regional instructions. I’ll find out and post tomorrow
time for sleep methinks.

If it helps to make your team feel better, robots can be built in one day. It’s been done before.

I can’t offer you any help - I’m not in NYC, and the program is probably the only thing you’re going to be able to retain from the old bot - but here’s hoping you guys can make this work. :slight_smile:

I echo what Wayne said, there’s at least a few people from 395 here who’ll be more than willing to help with whatever you need. Whatever you need, we’ll be there to help.

this is sad news for sure…i wish a miracle would happen and you guys get your bot. if you guys were going to a regional of ours i know my team would have gladly brought you things you need. perhaps a few teams in nyc area could bring any extra material and give it to you all. good luck and i’m sorry again.