7627 (Post) Season Blog - A simple robot that almost won

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to take some time to tell you about Bearcat Robotics, a 5th year FRC team from Monroe, WA - wait, this all sounds familiar…

With much inspiration from Open Alliance, team blogs and etc, I just wanted to share the story of our 2023 FRC season. Better late than never, right?

Some TL;DR;

  • set challenging but achievable team goals
  • build within your resources
  • 7627 finished Finalist at 2 district events this year
  • 7627 was recognized with the Quality Award
  • statbotics lists our EPA as 50 - 10th in the PNW
  • chief delphi thread (citing statbotics) ranked us 4th in the world for improvement 2022 → 2023
  • have fun putting the thing on the thing!

(this link goes to the week 1 blog, use the right-side navbar to continue reading through all our weeks of build and competition season - i recommend linearly, none of that Memento sorting order…)
Roughly Smooth: Week 1: A New Beginning



So who is 7627 bear cat robotics?

In all seriousness I loved your robot and team this year and I am super proud of yall and super happy I formed great friendships with your team members!

Best of luck in the Off session!!!


hey I know those guys


Triangle gang and PNW all in one place! Much love from 2930 and I look forward to seeing the amazing stuff you guys come up with in 2024.


It blows my mind every year how many phenomenal robots must go un-picked at PNW champs. I can think of a few stand-outs over the years, and 7627 is definitely one for 2023.

Congrats on successful season! You guys built and awesome robot. The future is bright for Bearcat Robotics!


The Bearcats built a very stable robot. One way we ensured stability, while minimizing weight was using topology optimization, otherwise known as generative design. Here is one example.

Using Altair Inspire to give the general design space and basic loading (3 load cases):

The most advantageous material layout and shape for the part was found:

Interpreting the topology results and designing it in Onshape:

Now, produced and installed:


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