77 Design Calc - An edited JVN design calculator


You’ve probably heard of the very popular JVN design calculator. Recently, JVN announced that he would no longer be updating his calculator. For a while I have been making my own small edits to his calculator. I am now releasing my version of his calculator for everyone to use. My goal is to keep the calculator looking very similar to the 2017 release and keep the major additions to their own respective pages.

As of 1/21/20, these are the additions (it's a drop down, click this line):

Added NEO, NEO 550, and Falcon 500 specs
Integrated new 2019 and 2020 motors into VEXpro/WCP gearboxes where it made sense
Added AM Redline and VEX 775pro specs
Expanded motor data space (see DATA page in cells B20 through G24) so users can implement other motors
Added a center distance calculation to all custom gear ratios
Added a center distance and length calculator for belts and gears
Added a 3rd stage option for custom 2-speed drives (although I realized after adding this that the third stage could just be added as another stage…)
If the center distance in a custom 2-speed drive is unequal in the shifting stage, the cells will be highlighted red

The spreadsheet is available here:

When any significant update comes along I will make a post in this topic about it and mark it as the “solution” just so it’s at the top; there is now a 24hr (I think) time limit to when you can edit posts. Everything added/changed after JVN’s last edit in 2017 will have been by me. Despite this, JVN graciously linked my edited calculator on his website which is really cool. Thanks again to JVN.

Please let me know of any issues you have or if I made any mistakes. Hope this helps teams out this year and in future years. Good luck to everyone in Infinite Recharge!


I would like to reply to bump this up on CD because it has really helped our team with Falcons and NEOs and other things. I know it’s a bit late in the season, but just wanted to bump this up anyway.


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