773 Sniper (Video)

16 balls in a row under the legal limit!! Shot from 20 feet.
Watch out…


Yeah you may have shot them accurately but you have no idea if they will stay in or not. Your backing isn’t the correct material so even more may bounce out or all 16 may stay in.

But great job with it.

Looking good… Now can we see a picture of your robot? :smiley:

I dont think any will fall out at competition, they are using netting, so no bounce outs!

the robot is almost there, drive train is complete as is the shooter, it just needs to me mounted.

Nice accuracy, at competition the chains in the goals should keep a lot of balls that would of bounced out stay in. You guys may want to try dangling some rope or something that’ll be like what they have at competition so you can see if they stay in better. Maybe it’s a use for the medical tubing they gave us in the kit?

The last one missed :ahh:, not 100% accurate :wink:

Well nothing is going to be perfect, i think 16/17 is respectable, agree?

They will stay in. Any ball that passes through the hoop will. The chains will be very effective in absorbing any momentum a foam ball could have at that point.

NOT TRUE AT ALL… Up at the Kickoff in New Hampshire, when they let us onto the field and people where throwing them into the goals, some did indeed bounce out.

Nice looking shooter by the way.

I find this highly curious. Is this intentional on the part of FIRST? How are we to aim to maximize are chances of preventing bounceback. Or do they just want a random bounceback factor to make it more dramatic? This is truely bizzare.

The speed the balls are launched at will effect how well they stay in too. The chains and nets were probably designed with the thought of robots shooting balls in; not people throwing them in.

That was some pretty nice accuracy there. That might be a bit too slow at competition though; you’re going to get hit after those first few shots.

Great video - love the soundtrack. Can’t wait to see the robot!

well post a pic on the 21st

It looks like you need to drop the balls into some kind of funnel thing in order to shoot the balls. But thats just my 2 cents. Either that or your throwing it to someone who loads it in to the bottom. Or that guy whoose throwing is uber. :smiley:

Or you can stop guessing and wait for the competition . . .

But thats no fun…

Your no fun Josh … now go play with your Buick …