7741 South Taiwan AI Robot


We are Rookie in South Pacific Regional 2019.
We come from Kaohsiung Taiwan.
Our website: https://sites.google.com/site/rsshdat/frc
The FB website : https://www.facebook.com/FRCteam7741/

We are high school students from Taiwan. We not only keep on reading, but also prefer to operate. By joining in the FRC, we can apply the knowledge we have learned in the past to the robot. Unlike other teams, we are made up of students from many schools. Players from all over the world have different habits and different personalities. In the beginning, we often quarreled. After a few months, through communication and tolerance, everyone began to have common goals and worked together toward the goal.We are team 7741.

Our team incoulds thirty-two students and three teachers. Everyone works and cooperates to improve the efficiency of doing things. During the holidays, everyone will gather to discuss what the happenes during this week and ask for a solution. Day in day out, everyone gradually develops a good understanding.


Awesome! Welcome to FIRST!


Hey 7741, welcome to FIRST!

A few tips that you may find helpful:

Since your electronics are unprotected, any object that hits them might cause damage to >$1000 of electronics, which are hard to replace. Furthermore, an object hitting sensetive parts can easily disable your robot during a match.

I would thus recommend shielding the electronics board by putting a sheet of plastic above it. This can be accomplished extremely simply by bolting it to the board with a standoff in between.

Secondly, the battery you’re using looks like a KOP Interstate battery. Many people have noticed that this battery has performance issues, which are discussed ok other threads. I recommend you purchase new ones that aren’t from that manufacturer.

Good luck with your rookie season!


Thank you very much.
We will pay attention to the 2 situations you suggested.

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