775 dual input gearbox / Banebots Website

First, I’d like to know if anyone knows of a gearbox capable of taking two 775 motors. Last year we modified a Sim-Cim (Cim-Sim?), but I’d rather not do that again. A selection of gear ratios would be nice, but I’m not going to be picky.

I was poking around on the Banebots website and while they list one transmission with 2 775’s, there is no information and the webpage says “not coming until July 2012”. I noticed that there are quite of few of their pages that say that. In addition, they still have the warning from earlier this year about extended time to ship because of volume.

Not boding well for their service this season.

I recommend giving Ed at Banebots a call there number is 970-461-8880. Usually they do not list something until there is a rather large quantity available.

Not to turn this into a flame war about Banebots, but remember they are much smaller than AndyMark and do not have the benefit about knowing about the game/KOP ahead of time so are not able to predict demand as well as AndyMark can. Overall if you can give them a call they are good people and will do there best to help you.

If you have the machining abilities available to you making an gearbox that can run two 775 without that much difficultly using WCP gears and a Banebot pinion.

My design from earlier that could fit an 2nd motor: