775pro motors are LOUD

We are excited and impressed about the size and power of these new motors. However, (for us at least) they run very loudly. We believe that the sound comes from the fan running at 18700 RPM. What are your experiences with the 775pro?

The sound doesn’t stop us from loving the power, but imagine 6 robots on the field all running 775pros!:ahh: Depending on the venue, the sound might be slightly deafening for those near the field (drive team, volunteers, etc).

I guess it could be a good PR thing for robots to have loud mechanical noises and attract attention. What do you think?

Now that you know that, you should make sure your team starts wearing ear / hearing protection while the robot is running. I like the foam, in the ear sound blockers. The come in colors, you may be able to get them in your team color (my favorite is MOE green).

Take them to events, you’ll need them to block the sounds of “Cotton Eye Joe” trying to drown out the sound of 2000 watts of robot power coming from your beast :rolleyes: