78 AIR STRIKE Shooter Concept

One of our objectives this week was to develop a hooded shooter concept that allowed easy adjustment of the hood angle. We decided to try a piece of lexan bent into a slot. Here are a few details:

  • 4" Diameter Shore 60A fairlane urethane wheels with bored and broached aluminum hubs
  • 1/2" Lexan side plates
  • 1/16" Lexan hood
  • 1/2" Thunderhex shafts
  • Dual 775Pro reduced 3:1
  • 1:1 Drive Belt - GT3 Series


Hoping to get some more time next week to play around with angles and wheel speeds.


@BradMello Hey, this is an awesome concept. I’m also now working on a shooter concept and I wondered if you could help me. I’m looking for a wheel and this one in the video might help me. Can you explane me about the wheel? And if you can give me a catalog number or even a formal name I would greatly appreciate it (:

For the details posted in the OP’s message, it’s a 4" fairlane wheel.

4" Diameter Shore 60A fairlane urethane wheels with bored and broached aluminum hubs

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Looking good Airstrike!


We used this wheel here. The urethane wheel material comes bonded to the steel insert ring. In order to use it on a hex shaft, you can machine a hub with a hex shape to press-fit into the steel ring. A tool called a broach can be used to create the hex pattern, starting with a hole. Here is a video of broaching a circular hole into a hex shape.

We found that compression between 1" and 2.5" has little effect on the trajectory. We have moved to 6" Colson wheels on this prototype in order to increase the surface speed of the shooter wheel. 6" fairlane 60A wheels around $70 each.

This video is with one falcon running 1:1 with 2.5 inches of compression and a rubber backed hood.



Looks great! Have you found the rubber backing makes a big difference? If so, how? (energy transfer, shot consistency, etc.)

Also what kind of rubber are you using?

I see it hooked up to a PD board, so it’s limited to 40A? How were you asking it to spin, thrifty throttle or full control system?

Looking good y’all! Good luck!!

Have you tried purchasing this wheel? Fixtureworks told us it was a 3-4 week lead time for the 6" 60A urethane wheel.

No, we haven’t even tried to purchase them at that price point. At the moment we’re considering turning down the protruding part of a Colson hub on a lathe to reduce the gap between wheels.

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We did exactly this and it works great. We’ll be comparing it to the Fairlane 6" 60A in the next few days, once we get out Fairlane’s all safety wired up.

We asked our students to rig up a vertical chute feeder to get a more consistent feed into the shooter while experimenting with shooter variables. Here is what they came up with with using timing belts and 2x4s:


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To be honest we did not find a notable difference in any backing material we used, which was lexan, neoprene, and PTFE. Our tests only consisted of firing long shots at the goal from the same velocity and seeing if the shots were noticably more consistent or going further/less far. There was no change strong enough to suggest we should sway towards one material. That rubber is just what ended up on the lexan last and we haven’t removed it.


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